My best design: Mel (Bluegreen86) in Louis Vuitton Fall 2009

Hello everyone! I told that “I´m back” but I really try to be active because I´m working really hard on my Magazine called INFLUENCE.

OK, this time my Model is Mel (bluegreen86). She´s one of the best stardoll members not only for her style and own sense. She´s wearing a Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 suit and I chose these because in real collection Jourdan Dunn models this suit and she is her favorite model.

So, I think is MY BEST WORK EVER! And I´m so happy because I´m really getting better. Coming soon! MORE!

Please tell me your comments!


Mimi_Mami in Alexander Wang

Sorry, I was very busy and I´m working on my Magazine called Influence. This time Maria (Mimi_Mami) is wearing an Alexander Wang outfit. I made the dress in 15 minutes so I din´t put many details. But I LOVE the shoes.

Do you like the graphic/design???