Meyoop in Abstrac Geometric dress.

New graphic, New model. Meyoop is wearing an Abstract Geometric dress. I hope you will like it! Remember the blog have a new layout and you can my next models! Do you want to be the next???

What do you think about this graphic?

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One of my favorite graphic!!! Is glamgirl72.

This is one of my favorite graphics!! My model is Lexi (glamgirl72) a really person who loves fashion and style. She´s wearing a Graeme Black dress.

Do you like this graphic???? Why???
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It´s N1mka4eva our Geisha Gaga

I specially love this graphic, because that reflects one of my favorite singer Lady Gaga and who better than our Geisha Gaga (Charli) to represent. I made the graphic with the Stardoll version clothes.

Do you want this graphic???? Why????

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xxdrivebylove in Anna Sui outfit.

Hello!! Lindsay (xxdrivebylove) is the model of this graphic. She´s wearing an Anna Sui outfit. Do you like it?

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