New design!!! @ Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 09 Couture

Yeah! I´m back and with more! Are you waiting the VERSACE Fashion Week?? Well, you don´t have to wait more. I will show you the collection next weeks.

Well, this time I´ve done one of my favorite designs! A Jean Paul Gaultier outfit from Fall 09 couture. The supermodel is Charlotte (and this is a surprise for her).

Do you like it???

Versace Fashion Week!

Ok. I´m working on a Versace collection. They are more than 10 designs all from Spring 2010 collection. Many people ask me to work on this collection and why not??? It´s amazing...

Mmmm, models??? I have an idea but I won´t tell you what is.
If you want and can please advertise it! Thanks so much!

New design: Balmain Spring 2010

Hey! I´m back! Well, this time it´s a Balmain design from Spring 2010 collection. I´m not a fan of this collection but many people told me that if I can work with this collection.

No model, I did the design in one hour (fast!).

Do you like it?
Which collections do you want to see?

Influence Magazine Spoliers!

Hi everyone!
Well, I have to show you some spoilers of Influence Magazine. I have finished with Wylie all magazine (articles, graphics, designs and more). I have to say "finally" because we have been working for 2 months very hard.

The first spoiler is Karlie Kloss in a 80s outfit from the trend report!
The second spoiler is Jourdan Dunn in Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 09 couture makeup and inspired dress from Makeup shoots!
And the third spoiler is Coco Rocha with Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi clothes.

What do you think?
Do you like them?

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Spring 2010! Coming soon!

Well, I have to tell the truth. I won´t be very active this month (September) in the blog. I´m so busy working with my magazine, the name is INFLUENCE. It will be a different Magazine with awesome articles about Fashion, style and more. No only articles, we´ll have models, new poses, clothes and more. The first issue will be next month: October.

Well, my next design will be from Jean Paul Gaultier (Fall 2009 Couture) and my model will be Charlotte. Well, I´m making new designs from Spring 2010 collection.
More.... Coming soon.

New Design! Balenciaga Fall 2009

Hey All! I told you that I´ll be more active on the blog making more designs. Ok, now my model is Michelle (yaelalon) and she is wearing a Balenciaga Fall 2009 suit. I really had a great time making it!

Do you like it? Tell me in comments!

My best design: Mel (Bluegreen86) in Louis Vuitton Fall 2009

Hello everyone! I told that “I´m back” but I really try to be active because I´m working really hard on my Magazine called INFLUENCE.

OK, this time my Model is Mel (bluegreen86). She´s one of the best stardoll members not only for her style and own sense. She´s wearing a Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 suit and I chose these because in real collection Jourdan Dunn models this suit and she is her favorite model.

So, I think is MY BEST WORK EVER! And I´m so happy because I´m really getting better. Coming soon! MORE!

Please tell me your comments!


Mimi_Mami in Alexander Wang

Sorry, I was very busy and I´m working on my Magazine called Influence. This time Maria (Mimi_Mami) is wearing an Alexander Wang outfit. I made the dress in 15 minutes so I din´t put many details. But I LOVE the shoes.

Do you like the graphic/design???

Marie in Proenza Schouler Resort 2010

Hello everyone! I couldn´t make graphics/design every week because I was so busy, but I try to do them more currently! Ok, this time my SUPERMODEL is Marie (babii-mariex). She´s wearing a Proenza Schouler dress/shoes from Resort 2010 collection!

Do you like this graphic?

**Click HERE to zoom**

This is the dress, I didn´t use any filters, please tell me in comments about this graphic!

Inspired by Lanvin /////// Lauren (melissa54321)

Hey! I´m back to the blog with more graphics. Ok, this time I have a very good model. She´s Lauren (melissa54321) in a inspired by Lanvin dress. I choose she because is one of the most people in Stardoll with a very good style!!

**click HERE to zoom**

Do you like this graphic??

Ashley in a Versace dress.

Hello everyone! This morning I finished a new graphic. This graphic doesn´t have a model. This graphic has a SUPERMODEL. She´s Ashley (BeverlyHillsHei) is wearing a Versace Spring 2009 dress.

Do you like this graphic?

                                   Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ok. As you know I use some filters, on the dresses and many people talk me that they want a graphic with a dress isn´t filter. I don´t use any filters on this graphic and I need your comment about this dress.

Meyoop in Abstrac Geometric dress.

New graphic, New model. Meyoop is wearing an Abstract Geometric dress. I hope you will like it! Remember the blog have a new layout and you can my next models! Do you want to be the next???

What do you think about this graphic?

                                   Image and video hosting by TinyPic


One of my favorite graphic!!! Is glamgirl72.

This is one of my favorite graphics!! My model is Lexi (glamgirl72) a really person who loves fashion and style. She´s wearing a Graeme Black dress.

Do you like this graphic???? Why???
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It´s N1mka4eva our Geisha Gaga

I specially love this graphic, because that reflects one of my favorite singer Lady Gaga and who better than our Geisha Gaga (Charli) to represent. I made the graphic with the Stardoll version clothes.

Do you want this graphic???? Why????

                                                                       Image and video hosting by TinyPic

xxdrivebylove in Anna Sui outfit.

Hello!! Lindsay (xxdrivebylove) is the model of this graphic. She´s wearing an Anna Sui outfit. Do you like it?

                                   Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Ellie makes History.

You now who is she. Ellie (fakeshake3) is wearing a Christopher Kane dress. Do you like it????

                                   Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She´s Dora. (Hrvatica_97)

Hello. Dora (hrvatica_97) is my model on this graphic. She´s wearing a Leonard dress. What do you think about this graphic????        

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Hello!!! I continue making some graphics with Stardoll users. Kayla (audreyhep4) is my model and I really love her style. What do you think about this graphic?????

                                   Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Dolcce & Gabbana dress.

Hello!!. The graphic is from the Dolcce & Gabbana collection. I really like the dress, please leave your comment it´s important to me.

Heidi in Wet Seal dress.

Forever 21 dress

Thread Social dress

Unique dress

Marchesa Dress


Inspired by McQueen...


New Design!!!

Hello! I am John, I keep making new designs because lately I've devoted that, and this is an Antonio Berardi dress. I think this design is better than others and if I practice more, I will make very cool designs. I would like to have your opinions on my designs.

My first and second Designs!!