Marie in Proenza Schouler Resort 2010

Hello everyone! I couldn´t make graphics/design every week because I was so busy, but I try to do them more currently! Ok, this time my SUPERMODEL is Marie (babii-mariex). She´s wearing a Proenza Schouler dress/shoes from Resort 2010 collection!

Do you like this graphic?

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This is the dress, I didn´t use any filters, please tell me in comments about this graphic!

Inspired by Lanvin /////// Lauren (melissa54321)

Hey! I´m back to the blog with more graphics. Ok, this time I have a very good model. She´s Lauren (melissa54321) in a inspired by Lanvin dress. I choose she because is one of the most people in Stardoll with a very good style!!

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Do you like this graphic??